About Us

Deerfield Behavioral Health, an affiliate of Journey Health System, provides positive changes in children's and adults' lives.

Deerfield employs a full spectrum of clinical experts including Psychiatrists, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNPs), Physician Assistants, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors and support staff.

We offer a unique blend of diagnostic, therapeutic, and contract behavioral health services, including:

  • Outpatient mental health therapy for individuals, couples & families
  • Outpatient drug & alcohol abuse treatments
  • Psychiatric medication management & therapy
  • Psychiatric contracting services with psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialized residences, health centers & skilled nursing facilities

Tele-Behavioral health services are also available by a Psychiatrist or CRNP. Technical support will be provided for all scheduled appointments. Insurance coverage of virtual visits varies, check plans for details. Co-payments would apply as with traditional appointments. Tele-psychiatry services utilize Zoom technology and adheres to federal HIPAA Privacy Standards.


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