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Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren and its team of experienced private practice clinicians are able to provide prompt and complete behavioral health care via tele-communications using real-time, two-way interactive audio-video transmission.

Mental health services can be offered to patients in various settings (e.g. outpatient, skilled nursing facilities, forensics, etc.). Mental health services can include psychiatric consultations, evaluations, and medication management.

Tele-Behavioral health services can be provided by a psychiatrist or Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNPs) with a mental health certification. Technical support will be provided for all scheduled appointments.

You can expect exceptional quality psychiatric care while increasing efficiency and a more timely delivery of service.

Tele-behavioral health services are both a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional behavioral health services for the overall well-being of your patients and your community. Distance is no longer a barrier to great behavioral health care.

Our mental health experts are able to meet your community needs, regardless of geography. Increased access to care will enhance overall well-being.

Insurance coverage of virtual visits varies, check plans for details. Co-payments would apply as with traditional appointments.

Adhering to HIPAA Privacy Standards, Deerfield Tele-Psychiatry services utilize Zoom technology.